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"Antal is a business oriented leader worth following"

Antal Sofalvy our Managing Director (European Region) and Partner Consultant at RCN specialized in providing media business management, radio programming and marketing support. High end startup & small business consultant with Advanced Business Analytics knowledge.

I have proved to You that I'm good at
Attract your attention :-)

But far more better in
+ Getting the things done
+ Motivating staff, dealing with people, coaching
+ Leading an organization focusing on targets
+ Marketing expert: create and execute effective marketing strategy & tactics, analytics
+ Project management: both traditional and incremental / iterative approach
+ Analyses, deal with data & information; Big Data & dataminig projects
+ Managing knowledge and integrated training approach, Advanced Analytics Trainer

My current role at RCN is to help businessess to become more and more successful, identify and achieve targets. Usually this covers business or media consulting, brand management, business process and marketing analyses and sometimes direct managerial help to ensure effective execution (interim management).

Our unique and effective support methods have helped Clients to reach their full potential. Most of them need to expand to meet newly revealed market demands and eliminate bottlenecks. Pretty cool feeling! Are you experiencing the same in your business? Is your company expanded in the past 3-5 years?

Some Career Milestones from the past I am proud of:
Programme Director / Head of Operations (2005-2007)
Communicorp - Hungary (Radio stations & syndicated programs, online, saleshouse, etc)
Get the flagship station from No3-4 to No1 (SHR 18-49) in two months
Responsible for radio content, brand, IT, production, creative, staffing, etc.

Senior Advisor / Business Consultant (2001-2005)
Radio1 - Media, Communication
Mentoring, Training, Coaching the staff of the Radio1 Network

Managing Director (1999-2005)
Radio1 - Local radio station(s)
Strategic and Operative management of local branches and teams

CEO and Program director (1996-1999)
Dolphin Radio FM 91.8
Set up and manage the radio station

Beyond managerial & radio programming practice and experience I am proud of my:
+ IT knowledge, far deeper than an average CEO's
+ Managing effectively Web & Online presence and increase conversion rate
+ Collected extraordinary Music Scheduling practice and music scheduling consultant experience with very successful statistical & art integrating approach
+ Executing research
+ Understanding of statistical figures and their meaning & how to interpret them
+ Setup Broadcast processors (set sound design); member of the Audio Engineering Society (1992-)

I am always interested in finding new challenges. Do you think I am a beneficial fit to Your Team? Mail me if you do! I do not bite - usually :)
I willingly take part of Your own marvel. I stood out - it is your turn. :)

Contact e-mail address:
Phone: +363 09 575 678
LinkedIn: Antal Sofalvy LinkedIn profile

Antal Sófalvy Bio

2003 - 2006
Master of Business Administration
Oxford Brookes University
Principal subjects: Strategic Management, Managing Knowledge and Change, International Business Development, and Personal Managerial Development
MBA dissertation on Knowledge Management in Media Business

Diploma in Management Studies (with Merit; Student of the Year Prize)
Oxford Brookes University, Omegaglen Ltd.
Principal subjects: Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Managing the Organisation, Information and Decision Making

Certificate of Management (with Merit)
Oxford Brookes University, Omegaglen Ltd.
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Operative managerial practices and knowledge (e.g. Marketing, IT, Finance, Organisation, Project management)

PhD Studies
Research Institute of Process and Chemical Engineering
"Design and Control Information Processes"

M.Sc. in Management and Chemical Engineering
Pannon University (University of Veszprém)
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Management related subjects and training, finance, mathematics, computer programming, statistics, chemical engineering and industrial engineering.

And of course a few other training sessions...

Walleye and carp fishing, enjoy home cooking (incl. quick finger food), SEO & SEM, nurturing StartUp Businesses
BTW if you had some good boilie recipies feel free to share :)


PS. my name's alternative spelling: Sófalvi Antal

Thank you for reading this! I hope we meet soon!

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As a Radio Consultant Network our primary goal is provide high quality programming and media management consulting service to support your organisation - above all. Understandably this is a Club like a shoot: it is impossible to help everyone who's in need so we are serving only a limited number of Clients in the same time; please accept it. Moreover if we work(ed) in a market we won't compete with ourselves: Client has [market] exclusivity. Anyhow read on our Radio Consulting Practice if you feel like.

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